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Dryveways was created by the owners because they were frustrated with the lack of parking available at their local beaches. As natives from San Diego, CA, the owners grew up surfing and tried their best to enjoy the summer days at the beach. They knew that if they showed up after 9am, they would have to circle the block multiple times in hopes someone would vacate a parking spot. When there was limited time to surf, and only such a distance to walk that was reasonable, parking was always an unnecessary frustration.

With the share economy now in full swing, the owners thought it would be great if homeowners would allow people to park on their driveways/property and get paid for their space. Its a win-win for everyone. Dryveways is the community that brings together the driver seeking parking with the owner of the parking spot.

Now, the surfers, locals, and tourists know where they are parking before they get there and can make a decision on how much they are willing to pay and are willing to walk to their destination. Further, the homeowners are getting paid for unused utility of a resource, while also cutting back on traffic in the neighborhoods and poor parking on their streets.

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